Key Highlights

  • Introduction to E-Commerce
  • Niche Validation
  • Market Research
  • Web Design
  • Get Approved With Suppliers
  • Optimize For Conversions
  • Get Traffic
  • Automation

1:1 Practical E-Commerce Training Program
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What You Will Learn

This Program teaches you about various e-commerce tasks that you can learn practically.
  • Introduction
    Learning Objective: An introduction to the world of eCommerce, online business, and lifestyle design.
    Lesson 1 - Foundations of eCommerce
    Lesson 2 - Foundations of Online Business
    Lesson 3 - Mindset & Knowing Your Why
    Lesson 4 - Drop Ship Lifestyle: Code of Ethics
  • Module 1 - Niche Validation
    Learning Objective: In Module 1, you will learn how to identify "drop ship friendly" niches. We dive straight into product selection training and if you're a first time entrepreneur, I'd recommend completing our Mindset Course before diving into the training. The bonus Mindset Course will help you to figure out your "why" and give you the motivation needed to successfully complete the Blueprint!
    1.0 - Introduction to Niche Selection
    1.1 - Pricing Criteria
    1.2 - Product Size, Weight & Profit
    1.3 - Target Market
    1.4 - Brand Loyalty
    1.5 - Passion vs. Profit
    1.6 - Examples of Good & Bad Niches
    1.7 - Brainstorming
    1.8 - Common Questions
    1.9 - Niche Selection Action Tasks
  • Module 2 - Market Research
    Learning Objective: In Module 2, you will learn how to vet different niche ideas and how to choose a winner. You will also learn how to extract suppliers from your "future competitors".
    2.0 - Introduction to Market Research
    2.1 - Locating Price Points & Calculating Profits
    2.2 - Tracking Niche Demand
    2.3 - The Evergreen Test
    2.4 - Demographics & Brand Loyalty
    2.5 - "Drop Ship Friendly" Niches
    2.6 - Creating Your "Future Competitors" Master List
    2.7 - Extracting Suppliers For Your Master List
    2.8 - How Much Competition Is Too Much Competition?
    2.9 - Market Research Action Tasks
  • Module 3 - Create Your Website
    Learning Objective: In Module 3, you will get access to the Drop Ship Lifestyle Shopify Theme & learn how to build a gorgeous, highly converting store even if you have no prior experience with web design or "tech stuff".
    3.0 - Introduction To Creating Your Store
    3.1 - Intro To Shopify
    3.2 - Domain Names
    3.3 - Collections
    3.4 - Uploading Products
    3.5 - Adding Pages & Blog Posts
    3.6 - Creating Menus
    3.7 - Shopify Settings
    3.8 - Theme Customizations
    3.9 - Discount Codes
    3.10 - Shopify Apps
    3.11 - Domain Emails
    3.12 - Google Is King
    3.13 - Creating Your Store Action Tasks
  • Module 4 - Get Approved With Suppliers
    Learning Objective: In Module 4, you will learn how to segment suppliers in your industry into Bronze, Silver, & Gold tiers. You also get our exact phone & email scripts to use when reaching out to suppliers for approval.
    4.0 - Introduction To Getting Suppliers
    4.1 - Gold, Silver, and Bronze Suppliers
    4.2 - Drop Ship Supplier Research
    4.3 - Trust Is Everything
    4.4 - Good vs. Bad Stores
    4.5 – Set Yourself Up For Success
    4.6 - Phone and Email Scripts
    4.7 - Supplier FAQs (What They Ask)
    4.8 - Supplier Relationships (Terms, Pricing, Exclusivity, & More)
    4.9 - Getting Supplier Action Tasks
  • Module 5 - Optimize For Conversions
    Learning Objective: In Module 5, you will get our top techniques for increase conversion rates on our stores. We "Optimize For Conversions" before turning on traffic so that we can get the best ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) possible.
    5.0 - Introduction To Optimizing For Conversions
    5.1 - Creating Urgency
    5.2 - Content Templates & The Perfect Product Page
    5.3 - Getting Reviews
    5.4 - Social Media and Creating Social Proof
    5.5 - Bounced Visits & Abandoned Carts
    5.6 - Creating Bonus Offers
    5.7 - Exploit Their Weakness
    5.8 - Usability Over Design
    5.9 – Accept Financing
    5.10 – Ethically Spy On Your Visitors
    5.11 – Optimizing For Conversions Action Tasks
  • Module 6 - Get Traffic
    Learning Objective: In Module 6 it's time to bring on the buyers! The overarching lesson in this module is that you don't need all the traffic in the world, you only need the BEST traffic.... meaning people who are ready to buy. In this Module you will learn our top traffic sources along with how to set up them for your own store so that you can get traffic (and buyers) on your site fast.
    6.0 - Introduction To Getting Traffic
    6.1 - Feeding The Machine: Your eCom Sales Funnel
    6.2 - Google Adwords For eCommerce
    6.3 - Does Bing Even Matter?
    6.4 - Transferred Influence & The Dream 100
    6.5 - Search Engine Domination
    6.6 - Paid Social Traffic
    6.7 - Omnipresence (aka Retargeting)
    6.8 - The Hour Glass Funnel
    6.9 - You've Got Mail
    6.10 - Getting Traffic Action Tasks
  • Module 7 - Automation
    Learning Objective: In Module 7, you will learn how to outsource and automate most of the day-to-days required to run a highly profitable drop ship store. Please note that I do not recommend outsourcing any operational tasks until you have become profitable (aka you are making consistent sales).
    7.0 - Introduction To Outsourcing & Automation
    7.1 - When & Why To Automate
    7.2 - Your Automation Toolkit
    7.3 – Automated Order Processing
    7.4 - Abandoned Cart Automation
    7.5 - Google Sheets Automation
    7.6 - Order Tracking & Reviews Automation
    7.7 - Custom Order Automation
    7.8 - Content Distribution Automation
    7.9 - When & Why To Outsource
    7.10 - Where To Hire Talent
    7.11 - Standard Operating Procedures & Downloads
    7.12 - Outsourcing & Automation Action Tasks



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Learn Practically

Products & Operations

Learn how the leading DTC brands source quality products, manage fulfillment and run seamless business operations all across the globe.

Get select, insider tips that will save you many hours (and headaches) in the long run.

Sourcing Products

A quality brand starts with a quality product. Learn how the best brands source and manufacture their goods in ways that make (rather than break) their businesses.


Backlogged orders, parcels lost in the mail, customs issues and import duties... This part doesn’t have to be a headache. Learn how to keep up with demand and ship worldwide, fast.

Business Operations

Drowning in customer support queries, overwhelmed by returns, or struggling to keep your team happy? Learn how the top DTC brands stay organized and face day-to-day operational demands head-on.

Products & Operations



Running on Shopify? Woocommerce? Amazon? Etsy? Discover what it takes to build a brand that stands out from the crowd and converts like crazy.

Store Design & Optimization

Design, optimize, repeat. Learn how to turn your store into a high-converting sales machine.

Marketplaces & Social Commerce

Running your store on Etsy, AliExpress or Ebay? Or looking to sell natively on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok Shopping? Get the latest tips and tricks from top brands that make these channels work for them.

Selling on Amazon

Building your Amazon empire? Learn to tame the beast from the best. Get the latest secrets on how to conquer the algorithm, optimise your listings, and make the most of the world’s biggest marketplace.

Brand Building

What's your brand's story? What does it take to become a household name?

Learn what goes into building the brands of the world's most sought-after ecom businesses.




Get the exact strategies, systems and secrets used by the top advertising experts across every major marketing channel in ecommerce.

Attend masterclasses in Facebook Ads, Instagram, Google, TikTok, Content Marketing and more.

Paid Advertising

Paid ads: the secret scaling weapon of choice for the world’s biggest brands. Learn from top industry leaders how to scale with Facebook, Google, and more.

Marketing: Influencer, Email & More

Influencer marketing. Email funnels. SEO. Customer loyalty. Discover how to attract and convert customers that keep coming back for more.

The Future of Ecommerce

We’re on our way to the future. Ecommerce is too—with the latest augmented reality tech, voice commerce, video marketing and more. Find out how the future is shaping up and how you should be too.



Meet Your Instructor

Sumit Pareek, Chairman - Indian Institute of e-commerce Partner - Amazon India, Ex-Alibaba Global Executive, Director - INTTCO (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Sumit Pareek is the Co-founder & Chairman of the Indian Institute of Ecommerce an E-Commerce business Incubator for Foreign startups and E-Commerce companies who want to access the Indian market or want to source products from India and sell globally via retail E-Commerce

He is a business mentor for e-commerce sellers to help them grow their sales in local and global e-commerce marketplaces through his instructor-led live business mentorship sessions.

Sumit has 15 years of rich experience in e-commerce industry has worked with over a hundred plus e-commerce sellers and has collectively generated $3 billion worth of revenue, Mr.Sumit’s experience in entrepreneurship and economic development has gained him numerous awards including ‘Young Entrepreneurship Award in 2013” by Rajasthan state government.


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₹20,000 11 - 50
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₹12,500 101 - 200
₹10,000 201 - 300
₹8,500 301 - 400
₹7,500 401 - 500
₹5,000 500+


1:1 Practical E-Commerce Training Program

Program suitable for working professinals, job-seekers, entrepreneurs and everyone who want to join e-commerce industry.

100% Practical

1:1 Practical E-Commerce Training Program

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Practical Program

  • Licence for 1 user (3 Months Access)
  • 1:1 Practical E-Commerce Training Program
  • x Certificate - IIEC

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