Become a "Franchise" with Indian Institute of E-Commerce

IIEC is looking for channel partners/Franchise who using their personal and professional network will help IIEC expand its business in their territory.

The partnership model will be a revenue sharing one

Role of Franchise Partner

  • Reach out to as many corporate/ institute / college in the assigned territory
  • Setup a liaison / relationship
  • On-Board corporate/ institute / college with IIEC
  • The fee may be directly cahrged to students or corporate/ institute / college may pay one short & collects from student.
  • Maintain relationship & expand student coverage per school.

Enquire For Partnership

    I recommend: I consent to have IIEC's Advisor to contact me for further information on products and services

    Benefits of Becoming Franchise of IIEC

    Start Business
    Start your own Ed-Tech business with Indian Institute of E-Commerce brand.
    Get a white label business
    Its a readymade E-learning business which grows in autopilot mode. You will get a 100+ business mentorship program. Demo site
    One Time license fees - Rs. 25 Lacs excluding Office Interiors, Salaries, Equipments, Marketing & Advertising.
    Profit Sharing
    upto 50% profit sharing on the IIEC's online courses.
    As you get upto 50% profit sharing at Rs.7500 so you can sell to lessthan 200 users and get in profitability/ return on investment.
    Get yourself a new personalized email id with your
    1:1 Support & Training
    We provide in depth digital sales training of our courses which will help you to promote & sell our certification successfully in global market. Our dedicated partner support team are available to answer your queries and give advice.
    Rewards & Awards
    Monetary rewards & awards for best performing partners if he achieves the desired targets.
    Industry Advisory
    Our digital certification content is validated by the world’s renowned & most influential brands of E-Commerce industry like Amazon, Alibaba, TCS, TATA Group, MSME(Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises). We ensure its relevance & accuracy which will add value in the user's profile or students profile.

    Potential Partner Profile

    • This category needs a partner to work with corporate/ institute / college management to on-board them on IIEC platform.
    • It would be helpful if the partner enjoys an existing relationship / rapport with the management
    • This needs partner to have strong BDB & Liaison skills backed with perseverance & Patience to setup a deal.
    • This may also need partner to pass-on certain fee to approving body so must have nagotiation skills
    • People engaged with corporate/ institute / college in a suppliers role like IT Vendor, Study material.

    IIEC to Provide 360* Support

    IT support

    • Content development
    • Improvise on online portal


    • Training on product to able to pitch to corporate colleges universities and SME's


    • Marketing and brand pull
    • Social media celebrities influencers endorsement

    Price points

    • Maintain consistent price points/course fees


    • access to database of corporate universities and colleges that are already with IIEC for local coordination and on boarding.

    Profit sharing from online courses sales

    100% Profit Sharing Programs

    Course Name Course Fee Sharing % Franchise Share Monthly Sales Annual Sales Revenue / Year Franchise Profit
    Certification For Students ₹1,000 100% ₹1,000 30 360 ₹3.60 Lacs ₹3.60 Lacs
    Certification For Working Professionals ₹2,000 100% ₹2,000 30 360 ₹7.20 Lacs ₹7.20 Lacs
    Certification For Freelancers ₹3,000 100% ₹1,500 30 360 ₹10.80 Lacs ₹10.80 Lacs
    Certification For Startups ₹4,000 100% ₹4,000 30 360 ₹14.40 Lacs ₹14.40 Lacs
    Total ₹36 Lacs ₹36 Lacs

    50% Profit Sharing Programs

    Course Name Course Fee Sharing % Franchise Share Monthly Sales Annual Sales Revenue / Year Franchise Profit
    E-Com Sellers (100 programs) ₹5,000 50% ₹2,500 100 1200 ₹60 Lacs ₹30 Lacs
    CEP Self-Paced ₹25,000 50% ₹12,500 30 360 ₹90 Lacs ₹45 Lacs
    CEP Practical ₹99,000 50% ₹49,500 30 360 ₹3.56 Cr. ₹1.78 Cr.
    Total ₹5.06 Cr ₹2.53 Cr.

    25% Profit Sharing Programs

    Course Name Course Fee Sharing % Franchise Share Monthly Sales Annual Sales Revenue / Year Franchise Profit
    PGP Entrepreneurship ₹4 lacs 25% ₹1 Lac 1 12 ₹48 Lacs ₹12 Lacs
    PGP in Sales & Marketing ₹2 lacs 25% ₹50,000 4 48 ₹96 Lacs ₹24 Lacs
    Total ₹1.44 Cr. ₹36 Lacs

    NET PROFIT: ₹36 Lacs + ₹2.53 Cr. + ₹36 Lacs = ₹3.25 Cr.

    Business Opportunity

    Revenue potential for tier 1 market

    • Average course fee per student per year INR Rs.25,000
    • Franchise share upto 50%
    • Potential topline for partner can be Typically a large corporate/ institute / college has 1500+ students. 10 corporate's into 200 users into Rs.25,000 equal to revenue of five crores per annum. Franchise Martin at upto 50% = 2.5 Crs per annum

    Investment required? Zero investment in any physical set up come on board only with a franchise fees

    Unit franchise fees

    Tier Metro Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
    Fee per partner 25L 15L 8L 5L
    #Franchises 4-6 2 1 1


    Setup Cost

    Business Setup
    Investment Breakdown

    One Time ₹25 Lacs + GST

    Initial investment for setup explained.

  • 1 Your dedicated website under iiec subdomain
  • 2 Website development & hosting
  • 3 Ongoing support for partners for sales
  • 4 Payment gateways setup
  • 5 Payback (ROI)*
  • 6 Legal Documentation
  • 7 Strategic alliance cost
  • 8 Recruitment of a Key Account Manager(KAM)
  • 9 Complete post sale support to users
  • 10 Website updates & maintenance
  • 11 Secure hosting of partner website
  • 12 Payment handling Tracking software cost
  • 13 Ed-Tech portal content updates
  • 14 Promotional videos about the benefits of the courses
  • 15 User engagement contents to help you grow your sales
  • 16 All other administrative & back office support cost.
  • 17 Offline Training Rights
  • 18 Bulk Enrolment Rights
  • Disclaimer
    • For Partner: The Payment is non-refundable as the payment goes to various support services as given above.

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