Start an "Online Education Franchise" with Indian Institute of E-Commerce®

IIEC is looking for channel partners/Franchise who using their personal and professional network will help IIEC expand its business in their territory. The partnership model will be a revenue sharing one

Role of Franchise Partner
  • Reach out to as many corporate/ institute / college in the assigned territory
  • Setup a liaison / relationship
  • On-Board corporate/ institute / college with IIEC
  • The fee may be directly charged to students or corporate/ institute / college may pay one short & collects from student.
  • Maintain relationship & expand student coverage per school.

Request Information

    I recommend: I consent to have IIEC's Advisor to contact me for further information on products and services

    Opportunity to Setup Centers Across India

    First phase target of 80+ Centers in next 1-2 Years in Key Tier 1 & Tier 2 (Top 50) with target of 250+ Centers at Pan India level in next 3+ years


    • Chandigarh
    • Delhi
    • Haryana
    • Himachal Pradesh
    • Jammu and Kashmir
    • Ladakh
    • Punjab
    • Rajasthan
    • Uttarakhand
    • Uttar Pradesh


    • Gujarat
    • Maharashtra
    • Dadra and Nager Havely
    • Goa
    • Daman and Diu


    • Lakshadweep
    • Karnataka
    • Kerala
    • Telangana
    • Andhra Pradesh
    • Puducherry
    • Tamil Nadu


    • Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    • Bihar
    • Jharkhand
    • Odisha
    • West Bengal

    Register Under Government ACT

    To get government recognition we are registered under the Government Society Act 1860.

    Ministry of Corporate Affairs

    MCA, Its main advantages include making it simpler for corporations to prepare, analyze, and communicate business information.

    Govt. Certified Registered Certificate

    IIEC Certified E-Commerce Profeesional is a registered as Trade Mark no.3859224, J. No. 1860 on date 14-06-2018 in the name of Indian Institute of E-Commerce Foundation.

    We have EDU.IN domain, provided only to properly register education Organisation by Indian Govt.

    PMKVY and Skill India Development

    National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Provide early-stage entrepreneurs with education and tools.


    Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises-registered, higher chances for excel of your organization.


    Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Purpose for the benefits under the Startup India.


    Train over 50,500 students under the NUSSD - National University Student Skill Development program.


    A joint intellectual property called Ecommerce and global trade professional ( EGTP by GET ).


    We have collectively created a network of over 10,000 specialists who have on-boarded over 1 million sellerss.


    Invited to be the jury at the public forum in Geneva, Switzerland for inclusive and cross-border trade.

    Startup Mentorship Programs

    IIEC through its Mentorship program encourage budding entrepreneurs to start their own business by utilising the Plug and Play digital stores

    Key Program Features

    • IIEC helps to create the e-commerce stores for entrepreneurs with Brand name of their choice.
    • We also help with product sourcing, digital marketing and content listing
    • Entrepreneurs needs to only focus on operating the store and sell the products online by utilising leads and their own efforts.



    • The E-Commerce industry is worth $55Bn in 2021 and is expected to grow to $350Bn by 2030 with ~21.5% growth in 2023
    • In 2021, more than 348Mn users did Online Transactions (830Mn total users), with nearly 140Mn doing Online Shopping
    • Government initiatives like Digital India, Start-up India, Skill India and 100% FDI in market, helping industry grow in India


    • Aspiring Entrepreneurs lack sufficient funds to start business (including proper sales platform). Often leading to falling into debt or not operating the business
    • Lack of knowledge of the Industry that students or professionals face when they want to start their own business or while working for an organization
    • There is a lack of Quality Training and Certification programs in E-Commerce in India. Most existing courses are usually are very Unorganized with limited Knowledge sharing and lack Pan India presence
    • Another important issue that people face is Lack of good, affordable and trustworthy source of the products they want to sell and often get cheated or face quality issues

    Key Highlights

    IIEC - Indian Institute of E-Commerce® is India's No. 1 E-Commerce Startup Incubator.

    • Trained and placed 1000+ students and startups.
    • Tata group, Amazon, Alibaba group as main partnerss.
    • Marketing Assistance
    • Franchise Opportunity
    • Responsibility: Bulk enrolment of students in IIEC's online practical course
    • Profit Sharing: upto 50% profit sharing
    • Franchise Cost: Call be discussed
    • Earning Potential: Upto ₹30 Lacs Annually

    "Start IIEC® Franchise"

    Ideal Partner Profile

    • Need partner to have strong business development and CRM skills backed with perseverance and patience to handle operations.
    • Young Entrepreneurs or Corporate employees looking for own business
    • Property owners wanting to be part of reputed brand and get higher value through business against rental income
    • Industry experience & high operational management capability required for master franchise
    • Good network in target market for multiple centers fast growth (Master Franchise)
    • Passionate about the industry and dedicated to grow the brand in their local market through connections

    Benefits of Becoming Franchise of Indian Institute of E-Commerce

    Start Business
    Start your own Ed-Tech business with Indian Institute of E-Commerce brand.
    Dedicated site in
    Its a readymade E-learning business which grows in autopilot mode.
    Ad & support Cost
    Profit Sharing
    Upto 100% profit sharing on the IIEC's online courses.
    8-12 months for ROI
    Get yourself a new personalized email id with
    1:1 Support & Training
    1 on 1 Live practical training to your sales team on to sell certification course.
    Rewards & Awards
    Monetary rewards & awards for best performing partners if he achieves the desired targets.
    Industry Advisory
    100% live practical training on E-Commerce platforms with Amazon, Alibaba, TCS, TATA Group etc.

    IIEC to Provide 360* Support

    IT Support

    Content development Improvise on iiec's online portal


    Training on product to able to pitch to corporate colleges universities and SME's


    Marketing and brand pull Social media celebrities in uencers endorsement

    Price Points

    Maintain consistent price points/course fees


    Assistance in creation of database of corporate universities and colleges that are already with IIEC for local coordination and on boarding

    Bulk Deals-50% Sharing (Government, Institutions, Corporates)

    Revenue potential for bulk enrolments

    • Average course fee per student ₹1000 to 25,000
    • Potential topline for partner can be:

    • For large corporate/ institute / college
      Typically a corporates, institutes, colleges has 500+ students.
      10 corporate's x 200 users x ₹1,000 Franchise Margin at upto 50%
    • For government tie up Typically a government department enrolls a minimum of 10,000 users into an online course so 10,000 users x ₹1,000 Franchise Margin at upto 50%

    Unit franchise fees

    Tier Metro Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
    Fee per partner 25L 15L 8L 5L
    #Franchises 4-6 2 1 1

    "Start IIEC® Franchise"

    Franchise Income

    E-Commerce Store Sales

    100+ E-Commerce Business Niche
    Readymade E-Commerce Store with Mentorship

    upto 50% Sharing

    • Live Sessions ( Zoom Video )
    • Complete Tech Support
    • Product Sourcing
    • for Entrepreneurs/Startups
    • Sales Growth Advice
    • 1:1 Support
    • Investor Contacts
    • Revenue Sharing
    earn upto ₹5 Lacs/ store

    Potential Partner Profile

    • This category needs a partner to work with corporate/ institute / college management to on-board them on IIEC platform.
    • It would be helpful if the partner enjoys an existing relationship / rapport with the management
    • This needs partner to have strong BDB & Liaison skills backed with perseverance & Patience to setup a deal.
    • This may also need partner to pass-on certain fee to approving body so must have nagotiation skills
    • People engaged with corporate/ institute / college in a suppliers role like IT Vendor, Study material.

    Profit sharing from online courses sales

    100% Profit Sharing Programs

    Course Name Course Fee Sharing % Franchise Share Monthly Sales Annual Sales Revenue / Year Franchise Profit
    Certification For Students ₹1,000 100% ₹1,000 30 360 ₹3.60 Lacs ₹3.60 Lacs
    Certification For Working Professionals ₹2,000 100% ₹2,000 30 360 ₹7.20 Lacs ₹7.20 Lacs
    Certification For Freelancers ₹3,000 100% ₹1,500 30 360 ₹10.80 Lacs ₹10.80 Lacs
    Certification For Startups ₹4,000 100% ₹4,000 30 360 ₹14.40 Lacs ₹14.40 Lacs
    Total ₹36 Lacs ₹36 Lacs

    50% Profit Sharing Programs

    Course Name Course Fee Sharing % Franchise Share Monthly Sales Annual Sales Revenue / Year Franchise Profit
    E-Com Sellers (100 programs) ₹5,000 50% ₹2,500 100 1200 ₹60 Lacs ₹30 Lacs
    CEP Self-Paced ₹25,000 50% ₹12,500 30 360 ₹90 Lacs ₹45 Lacs
    CEP Practical ₹99,000 50% ₹49,500 30 360 ₹3.56 Cr. ₹1.78 Cr.
    Total ₹5.06 Cr ₹2.53 Cr.

    25% Profit Sharing Programs

    Course Name Course Fee Sharing % Franchise Share Monthly Sales Annual Sales Revenue / Year Franchise Profit
    PGP Entrepreneurship ₹4 lacs 25% ₹1 Lac 1 12 ₹48 Lacs ₹12 Lacs
    PGP in Sales & Marketing ₹2 lacs 25% ₹50,000 4 48 ₹96 Lacs ₹24 Lacs
    Total ₹1.44 Cr. ₹36 Lacs

    NET PROFIT: ₹36 Lacs + ₹2.53 Cr. + ₹36 Lacs = ₹3.25 Cr.

    Business Opportunity

    Revenue potential for tier 1 market

    • Average course fee per student per year INR Rs.25,000
    • Franchise share upto 50%
    • Potential topline for partner can be Typically a large corporate/ institute / college has 1500+ students. 10 corporate's into 200 users into Rs.25,000 equal to revenue of five crores per annum. Franchise Martin at upto 50% = 2.5 Crs per annum

    Investment required? Zero investment in any physical set up come on board only with a franchise fees

    Unit franchise fees

    Tier Metro Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
    Fee per partner 25L 15L 8L 5L
    #Franchises 4-6 2 1 1

    "Start IIEC® Franchise"

    Franchise Investment

    Setup Cost

    Business Setup Investment Breakdown

    Franchise Fee ₹25 Lacs+GST

  • 1. High Profit Potential:

    Up to 50% - 50% profit sharing on sales of Online Business Opportunities with Business Coaching, offering significant returns on investment.

  • 2. Exclusive Training and Resources

    Tailored franchise training to ensure you are well-equipped to operate your franchise successfully (Complementary).

    Access to a dedicated franchise portal at for streamlined operations (Included).

  • 3. Sales and Recruitment Empowerment:

    In-depth support for recruitment, helping you build a strong team.

    Extensive training for sales and telesales teams to maximize revenue generation.

  • 4. Marketing and Advertising:

    Professional marketing materials including banners, video demos, and posters to enhance visibility.

    Access to Canva Edu for custom marketing designs (Complementary).

    Robust advertising tools with production of high-impact video ads and demos (Included).

  • 5. Dedicated Account Management:

    A dedicated Key Account Manager to provide continuous support and guidance.

    Comprehensive support including webinar support, training for HR and business managers, site technical assistance, resolution of business issues, sales assistance, and facilitation of B2B agreements.

  • 6. Technology and Web Infrastructure:

    Ownership of a dedicated website under the iiec subdomain, featuring advanced development, hosting, and continuous sales support.

    Secure hosting and regular updates to ensure high operational standards and user engagement.

  • 7. Operational Support:

    Complete setup of payment gateways and handling of all legal documentation.

    Strategic alliance costs covered to expand business reach.

    Recruitment of a Key Account Manager (KAM) dedicated to your franchise.

    Full post-sale support ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.

    Investment in cutting-edge payment tracking software to monitor financial flows accurately.

    Regular updates to the Ed-Tech portal, maintaining high educational content standards.

    Creation of promotional videos and engagement content tailored to drive sales and growth.

  • 8. Additional Franchise Benefits:

    Administrative and back-office support to reduce operational burdens.

    Rights to offline training and bulk enrolment, enhancing course delivery and accessibility.

  • 9. Investment Security:

    Rights to offline training and bulk enrolment, enhancing course delivery and accessibility.

  • Disclaimer
    • Note: We can give database and also assist you in closing sales for you virtual online support for B2B deals. You recruit a team who can generate institutional leads
    • The services listed in pricing is applicable from April 2024 effective. Franchises / Partners who have taken the Indian Institute of E-Commerce Franchise before will be given support as promised in the e-mail at the time of signup. The new franchise terms are applicable for franchises who have recently enrolled into the IIEC franchise ecosystem. The Payment is non-refundable as the payment goes to various support services as given above.

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